From prints to commissions, here's what my customers have had to say about their orders.


"I'm blown away, the painting is so beautiful! It is me through and through. I couldn't love it any more. It has helped me remember my inner strength and resilience. I see her as my goddess self, she looks at me with calm, strong eyes and tells me I can do this." Laura - portrait commission

"It has arrived! It's even better than on the website. I love it!" Vicky - Giclee Print

"I adore my print. I walk past it in my hallway all the time and I smile every time. It brings me so much joy." Juliet - Giclee Print

"I commissioned Yvadney Davis to paint Mum's portrait from a copy of Mum's black and white passport picture in 2022. This stunning piece captures her warmth." Sophia - Portrait Commission