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Yvadney Davis Art

Comfort Blanket 2022

Comfort Blanket 2022

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Comfort Blanket 2022

Acrylic & Wallpaper on canvas board (framed)

84 x 59cm


The artist created this portrait in response to a wave of violence (both of words and physically) against women, specifically black women. She reframes the stereotype of the ‘strong’ black woman to that as someone who is actually delicate and vulnerable. 

Her 'comfort blanket' is actually an oversized doiley, much like one that would have decorated the homes of her Windrush Generation ancestors. It represents her roots, her heritage and sense of security.

All originals are purchased on the agreement that Yvadney Davis Art will be able to loan the pieces for exhibition activity. All costs for transportation will be at Yvadney Davis Art's expense.

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