Portrait Artist

Yvadney Davis is an award-winning Black British contemporary portrait artist from South London. Her work is a love letter to the Windrush Generation of her grandparents and its descendants, combining soulful brush strokes and defiant colour with iconic design elements of the 'West Indian front room'.


Featured Series: Granny's House

  • 'Daddy, SE25'

    'Daddy, SE25' - A3 Print

    Celebrating black fatherhood and the links of legacy, connection, protection, pride, comfort, destiny and masculinity. This is the bond, past, future and love. 

  • 'Green Gele' x The Cornrow

    'Green Gele' - A3 Print

    'Green Gele' is an exclusive collaboration with celebrated black lifestyle boutique The Cornrow, updating the popular 'Gele' print with a new colourway. 

  • 'Mine'

    'Mine' - A3 Print

    When you understand the shoulders you stand on, it's yours for the taking. A portrait celebrating the power of the Black British youth, who in the face of no's hold their heads high to follow their destiny.

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