Portrait Artist

Yvadney Davis is a Black British contemporary portrait artist from South London. Her work is a love letter to the Windrush Generation of her grandparents and its descendants, using soulful brush strokes, defiant colour and a design elements of the iconic 'West Indian front room'.


Featured Series: Granny's House

  • 'Memory Braids'

    'Memory Braids' 2022 (Acrylic, wallpaper & glitter on canvas board - 84x 59cm.

    This piece is a celebration of memories of growing up in the Caribbean community in the UK. From receipes and TV shows to musicians and hairstyles, these braids represent the magic of nostalgia, community and joy.

  • 'Portrait of Ashley Henry'

    'Ashley Henry' 2022

    (Acrylic & wallpaper on canvas 100 x 150cm)

    This portrait of UK jazz artiist Ashley Henry is a celebration of the legacy of the Windrush Generation. It captures a majestic young man stoically on the brink of greatness surrounded by and filled with the inheritance of his Caribbean ancestors.

  • 'Comfort Blanket'

    'Comfort Blanket' 2022

    (Acrylic & wallpaper on canvas board)

    A response to the label of black women being strong or 'grown'. What if in fact black women are vulnerabe, delicate and worthy of protection?

    The doiley, the heart of every British Caribbean mid-century livingg room, forms the comfort blanket. It represents heritage, legacy and the warmth of nostalgia and ancestral protection.

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