I am a London-based portrait artist championing the British Caribbean experience. My work has been shortlisted by the Royal Academy of Art and Art United, featured in Create!, Seen Magazine and the Evening Standard; and also included in multiple group exhibitions.

My work is inspired by the connection of nostalgia and joy between the Windrush Generation of Caribbean post-war immigrants to the UK and the legacy it has left behind. As a member of this generation of British Caribbeans, I want to not only hold onto those that came before me, but celebrate the everyday of my community. We are navigating parenthood, creating music, championing our friends and reminiscing the foundation laid by our parents, grand and great grandparents from The Islands. 

As the Windrush Generation passes on, my use of design elements from their homes, such as the vibrant vintage wallpaper and soft furnishings, keeps the essence of that era alive for its descendants and contemporary spaces. The busy pattens and thick textures of those matriarchs is evocative of their perseverance and exuberance and a reminder for us, their Grand and Great Grandchildren of the shoulders we stand on.


I adore the process of creating a piece, from the first brush strokes to the final line. I use acrylic paint which allows me to build up thick layers and movement and play with texture. When I paint I feel as if I am levitating and use loud music, typically jazz, to connect me on a deeper level with my subject.

My work is available as Giclee prints, originals and commissions.

Thank you for visiting my world.