I am a London-based portrait artist championing the Caribbean Diaspora and the middle years. I returned to my art practise for the first time in over 15 years, whilst enjoying my career as a Fashion Stylist. Homeschooling in the middle of the global pandemic gave me the time to create with my children. I paused, reflected and picked up my paint brush. 

My work is inspired by four things, the sensuality of middle aged women, fashion, black beauty and the Caribbean Diaspora. I do this with bold colour, vintage wallpaper and strong gazes. I’ve spent the last decade working as a fashion stylist and that combined with being a new entree to the forties and a British Jamaican has influenced my subject matter. I want to celebrate the beauty in normal people and my pieces combine abstract and linear marks on linen canvas, as well as more recently vintage wallpaper.

As the Windrush Generation passes on, my use of vibrant vintage wallpaper from the 1960s and 70s keeps the essence of that era alive for its descendants and contemporary spaces. The busy pattens and thick textures of those matriarchs is evocative of their energy and a reminder for us, their Grand and Great Grandchildren of the shoulders we stand on.

I've just entered my middle years and strongly believe women of this age hold an unrecognised source of sensuality, wisdom and beauty. It is important to me that their bodies, alongside childbirth or ageing, have grown in power. I enjoy bringing out my subject's personality, identity and emotions, from nuanced bodies through to the clothes they choose to wear. 

I love the process of creating a piece, from the first brush strokes to the final line, particularly using acrylic paint, which allows me to build up layers and movement and play with texture. When I paint I feel as if I am levitating and use loud music, typically jazz, to connect me on a deeper level with my subject.

My work is available as Giclee prints, originals and commissions.

Thank you for visiting my world.

Yvadney x